Tips to write a Memorable Bride’s Father Speech

This time it is about the bride´s father speech and I would like to share with you an interesting story about my friend who was on the verge of making a disaster at his daughter’s wedding.

Tips for Bride's Father SpeechAs the wedding day was approaching his anxiety was growing, though he preferred not to show it! He was excited and nervous at the same time. Additional to his other responsibilities, co-hosting the reception, walking his daughter down the aisle during the ceremony, and dancing with his newly married daughter, the father of the bride speech toast seemed to be the most difficult.

We discussed the running order of the wedding speeches. The structure of the reception can be flexible, but traditionally, the father of the bride makes the first speech, welcoming everyone and proposing a toast to bride and groom. The groom then responds ending with a toast to the bridesmaids. The best man responds on behalf of the bridesmaids and gives hopefully an entertaining speech, which may also end in a toast.  These days even the bride may want to say a few words.

Then it came down to preparing the father of the bride speech. He just couldn’t decide about what to include and what not, whether to make it humorous and include some jokes or to make it more emotional. Should he to talk about his daughter’s childhood and the pleasure of seeing her grow into a mature young woman or perhaps talk about how happy they as parents are that she found an ideal soul-mate. He was also confused about the length and duration of the speech.

When he rehearsed in front of me I took the time, it was a 25 minute long speech, a total disaster. Now we were both desperate.

Each day thousands of people from all over the world search for books and advice on wedding speeches for the father of the bride on the internet. For a lot of bride’s fathers, it will be their first time ever to be writing and delivering a speech for their daughter. And because it is a very special occasion, any father would want to make it a meaningful and memorable speech as best as he could.

Everyone awaits speeches in a wedding. Whether it’s the best man, maid of honor, the parents of the bride and groom or the bride or the groom themselves – people wait for speeches. This puts a considerable amount of pressure on the speakers.

It is a hard task to put down so many emotions and memories in the form of an entertaining few-minutes speech. Both writing and delivering a memorable speech can be quite a nerve-wrecking job.

A fantastic solution to extinguish all the guesswork, uncertainties, and doubts about your wedding speech is a website called Wedding Speeches For All created by John Wilson and Belinda Hamilton, experienced authors with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry.

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Sample wedding speeches can be of great help while preparing your own father of the bride speech. As the father of the bride, typically, you will be expected to be the very first speaker. Thus, it’s important to set the mood right by making your speech entertaining, cheerful, and inspiring as well.

Generally, wedding speeches for the father of the bride does not need to be lengthy. A short yet heartfelt speech is best. Do not forget to include a touch of laughter by sharing a wholesome joke, a funny anecdote or some humorous quotes. However, see to it that your joke is wholesome, clean and inoffensive so as not to upset anybody.

Delivering a speech can be an emotional experience as well. Seeing your daughter tying the knot can set mixed emotions inside you. Surely, you are happy that she is finally starting a family on her own. At the same time, you may be a bit sad knowing that your daughter must move to a new home. This can be both an exciting and tearful event for you but there’s no need to be embarrassed about being emotional.

Truly, your daughter would love to hear your personal message as well as your loving advice as a dad. When giving advice, make sure that you do not get too engrossed that you turn your speech into a marital life sermon. A few positive statements about marriage should be enough to remind the new couple about their duties and obligations to one another.

You can end the father of the bride speach by thanking all the guests for attending the event. Don’t forget to thank the family of the groom as well as your own family and relatives. Last but not least, share a toast for the bride and groom and express your good wishes for them.

Want to see how one bride’s dad managed to combine both humor and sweetness into an unforgettable father of bride speech?

If the video doesn´t work you can watch it here.

Here is a great resource where you can find all kind of wedding speeches for the father of the bride. Check out for sample wedding speeches, toasts, guide to write your own father of the bride speeches and toasts, love and wedding quotations, hilarious one-liners and tips on confident public speaking.

Reading sample speeches can give you a better idea on what to say and also about the overall flow and structure of your speech. Surely as the father of the bride, you want to give a very appropriate and meaningful speech for your daughter and your son-in-law.

Most wedding speeches have similar content and begin with a love quotation or a wedding quotation while others may begin with a funny line to break the ice. The speaker may also begin by introducing himself to the guests since not everyone present at the wedding may be aware that you are the bride’s father. Getting to know the basic wedding speech etiquette should help you compose a speech that you can be proud of.

Let´s get back to the wedding speech etiquette; consider the following points, ideas and tips while preparing your speech:

First, welcome the guests. The father of the bride is often the first honored speaker before the Father of the Groom, the best man and maid of honor. Since you are the first speaker, it is fitting that you welcome the guests and everyone who is there to share this special family occasion.

Welcome the groom to your family. This is your chance to personally congratulate and welcome your son-in-law to your family. Let everyone know that you gave your blessing to this marriage and that you are happy to embrace your daughter’s groom as well as his family.

Thank people who have assisted in organizing the wedding/reception.

Compliment the bride. The bride is the star and she deserves all the compliments on her special day. As the Father, you must feel very proud of how you have raised a beautiful daughter. Aside from admiring the bride’s beauty and appearance, don’t forget to mention her inner virtues which have endeared her not only to you and your family but to her groom and his family as well. You can share a few anecdotes with the audience and these are often the highlight of the speech.

Speak of the bride’s achievements and family life.

Offer advice to the newlyweds and wish them well.

Propose a toast. The last part of the Father of the Bride speech always ends with a toast for the newlyweds. Raise your glass and utter your love and best wishes for the couple!

Ideally the speech should have a theme to it. Try and revolve your speech around a particular theme. This will keep the audiences engaged and interested.

The father of the bride speech should not exceed 5-7 minutes (800-1000 words) and the end result should be such that the guests should feel that you are genuinely proud of your beloved daughter and are equally proud to welcome the groom into your family.

Since it is such a crucial speech it should be very well written and should have certain original jokes in it. It is best to get some professional help that will help you put down exactly what you want to say. As the right words make all the difference!!

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Looking for wedding speeches to spellbind your audience? Have a look at these fantastic speech templates, they are flexible and adaptable to suite every individual style and personality. You can simply copy and paste portions to make them a part of your own speech.   Apart from the speech samples the website also offers tips on confident public speaking, exclusive wedding toasts, quotations, hilarious one-liners and a step by step guide to help you write your own speech just like a professional writer.

Remember it is once in a life opportunity!! Let’s just face it that even if it is the day of the bride and the groom, the father of the bride is an equally important part of the day. It all depends on him to set the tone of the ceremonies; he can make it as relaxed as possible. You certainly don’t want to have any regrets when you look back upon this day.

Btw. With some professional templates my friend did a great job on his daughter’s wedding, his speech got a lot of appreciation as he left the guests with hysterical laughs and his darling with moist eyes when he finished.

In my next article I will give you tricks and tips on how to write a grooms speech.

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