10 Dos and Don’ts of Good Wedding Speeches

The marriage of two people is always a welcome addition. What makes good wedding speeches? You have to make the speech very relevant, meaningful and memorable.

tips for good wedding speeches

Wedding toasts perform an essential role during the wedding celebration, it serves as a link between the formal wedding ceremonies and the less formal atmosphere of the wedding reception.

The wedding toast also allows some members of the family, relatives and closest friends to express their feelings and to wish the couple well.

When it comes to weddings women are a different breed altogether. They have so much to worry about for the special day …. the bridal gown, the hair, the make-up, the shoes, the lingerie, the flowers, the decorations, the bridesmaid’s dresses ….

For men it’s a totally different story. For the groom, best man or father of the bride to ensure that the day passes on smoothly they need to be well-dressed, on time, know the wedding etiquette well, and of course be well-prepared for their wedding speeches. Apart from the other worries that the bride-to-be may have they are really concerned about the wedding speeches. It´s important that every word that is being said matters.

The bride and groom can use this short quote to toast each other:

a short wedding toast quote for bride and groomHere you get all the assistance you need for writing heart-stirring, memorable and outstanding wedding speeches.

For carrying out your speaking duties with  class and charisma so that it strikes the right chord with the wedding audiences, makes them smile or laugh, or even drop a tear or two you need to know certain wedding speech tips.

The Don’ts:
1. When writing your speech do not use fancy words that can only be found in the dictionary. Dictionary words may seem impressive to you, but it will leave your audience dumbfounded and alienated.
2. Do not include or mention former relationships. Avoid cursing and using undesirable words as much as possible. Avoid excessive inside jokes.
3. Do not go overboard with your humor or copy jokes from internet making people think what a drab you are.
4. Do not swear and make exaggerations. 7 Tips for Avoiding a Wedding Toast Disaster

In a nutshell for giving a good wedding speech you need to find a story-angle to it, write it out in easy conversational language, rehearse it well and extend your own personality to make it sound natural.

Saint-Exupéry’s lovely marriage quote makes the perfect starting point for toasts between the bride and groom.

lovely quote for a marriage toast

Here you find more tricks on writing an outstanding and memorable wedding speech!

Well the very objective of a good speech should be to spread warmth in the bride’s heart, to touch the hearts of the bride’s parents, to evoke some humor and to ensure that the guests do not doze off to sleep or start to crawl under the table or perhaps look for the washroom!

The speech should be entertaining and emotional at the same time. It’s not that hard to achieve. It just requires a little bit of extra effort and planning.

What to say at a wedding toast :

  • Just use simple words in short sentences. Populate your paragraphs in less than 5 sentences. This will make your speech easier to make and easier to listen to.
  • Always try to include interesting anecdotes but keep them short and small.
  • Draw your audience in by using metaphors, similes, and imagery. Show don’t tell, as creative writers would say, paint a picture of what you are trying to say. This will surely engage your audience, making your speech entertaining and memorable.
  • Even if you cannot learn the entire speech by heart at least try and learn the first few lines. This will help you engage your audience with better eye-contact and embrace them in the first few minutes.
  • Write the same way you speak. This may seem absurd, but it simply means that you have to write naturally.
  • Give generous compliments to the bride but make them sound very genuine.

Always remember that with little carelessness you may unknowingly embarrass yourself by saying something undesirable. Most of all, you may even land up embarrassing the bride and the groom.

funny toast to the bride

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With the help of this material you are left with only one option. To deliver a mind-blowing speech to strike just the right chord with the audience.

In my next post its about the story of one of my friends whose daughter recently got married and some tips on speeches for father of the bride.

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